Szentes has won the award of Europen Capitals of Biodiversity 2011.  Now Szentes is listed among European cities like Montpellier in France, Hannover in Germany, Kremnica in Slovakia, and Puebla de Sanabria in Spain - they were celebrated togehter in the International Biodiversity Conference in Brussel.This recognition is based on the values of the cities which will persist in the future, as well. "In Szentes things are simply going well, you can feel the energy and motion everywhere. The key to success is the local people's positive attitude, a well operating city administration for 20 years now, the mayor's commitment, and a high-level cooperation " - the Energy Consultant explained.
The main point here I think is the importance of creating the circumstances to inspire greatness, having a commited leader who motivates local people to reach a common goal, and concentrating on things which will bring real values to the community's life. These are the things which make a winning team/organisation.